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Free Courses

We offer a number of free course in our platform.Learners can take this courses  as long as they exist on our platform.

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Some of our courses are paid.Enrollment can be done and after completion, a certificate of achievement will be issued.


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All Levels
All Levels

Interactive Courses

Tailored Training Solutions Designed For You.

Our tailored training solutions are designed to help you achieve the goals you have for your business.

Empower your workforce with the training they need to reduce risk and maximize efficiencies.

Safe Management

This course give you full insight and understanding  of various concepts in safe management.

Basic Fire Fighting

This course entails  firefighting techniques and how to apply them in a safe  manner.

Defensive Driving

This Course will ensure you drive to save lives, time, and money.

Spills Prevention, Control and Counter Measures (SPCC)

SPCC Course will help facilities prevent oil spill, as well as control a spill should one occur.

Basic First Aid

This course includes basic first aid skills and details on accident reporting.

Fire Marshals

This  course has tutorials that can enable you become a fully qualified fire marshal at work.

Confined Space

This course enables you to  supervise or enter in an area designated as a confined space.

Handling And Transportation of Dangerous Goods

This course will equip you  with handling and transportation of dangerous goods skills